Lean on me…..


So you’ve probably had a second or 2 by now to process the fact that you have not just urinated on a stick and shoved it in your partners face AND you have just discovered the BIGGEST secret in your life and whether you are 3 weeks (like i was) or 7 weeks you’re now torn – who do you tell and when??

Ok first things first, don’t panic! You are not alone! If this is your first pregnancy then you, like me are probably sitting there going I can’t tell anyone until 12 weeks. Now this isn’t entirely true in fact I’m kinda leaning towards the opposite.

My extremely unexpected pregnancy resulted in me feeling like a some what ashamed 16 year old who had just done the worst thing possible and I didn’t feel comfortable telling my parents. Also for someone who was all of a sudden thrust into a new relationship, life and future I needed my own time to process, so here’s my tip – just choose someone or a couple of people and keep them close to you.

Obviously your partner will know but you both need someone you can talk to, someone you can share your excitement, concerns and fears with be it a close friend, family member or your GP – they are great for support!


Which ever way you decide to go despite your fears and anxieties about jinxing yourself by talking before 12 weeks, or how scared you may be of miscarriage, ¬†remember – those are the things you will need support for so don’t be scared to rally a few people around you! It’s probably a fraction early to shout it to the postman from the rooftop (unless he’s the father!) but I think we are past the point in society where no one tells. Don’t forget, and it’s something we will be looking into up soon on Doublebub, reality is things can go pear shaped at all stages of pregnancy and while the risk is higher in the first 12 weeks it doesn’t eliminate all probabilities of and risk factors and your true friends and family will be there for the highs…and the lows!

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride ahead health wise so strap yourselves in…… – Nix

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