Preparing For Double Trouble

So if you are like me and a rookie to this parenting bizo then you probably have the naive idea that “you got this”! All I have to do is buy a few things and we are off and running! Can’t be too hard to get ready for small humans right, I mean how much stuff do they actually need?

When the time came around to start thinking about infrastructure for my tiny impending people, I thought it would be quite simple. A cot, a pram, a seat for the car…how hard can this stuff be? Now I’ll be honest, I tend to think of myself as a fairly street smart person, you know I kinda get life, common sense is a given, well it turns out I may have met my match, baby shopping!

The day came for us to make some what of a dent into the baby shopping thing. Now never having followed the baby craze in the past I admit, I was totally clueless and suddenly found myself in the middle of what can only be describes as baby hell as I walked into a Baby Kingdom store. “What the hell” that was my first reaction! What is all this stuff? And why is there so bloody much of it? Right -oh I thought to myself, we can do this!

20 minutes later and I find myself a hormonal time bomb about to bite a service ladies head off as I can’t seem to work out what the hell she is talking about when it comes to prams! “So you are looking for a double pram?”, “Yes”, “and with what configuration?” What do you mean configuration woman…I’ve got twins how many configurations can there be? “And what sort of tyres are you looking for?” tyres??? Are you for real? This isn’t a Formula 1 car!!  Feeling more than slightly overwhelmed I took a look at my partner in crime, who correctly read the signs and suggested we took a well deserved tea break!

Sitting at the coffee shop, with my fun free pregnancy approved beverage of peppermint tea, I pull myself together! It simply can’t be this hard, surely if other people have done it I can do this! So off we go to over sized baby shop number 2.

Not to be shy this time, I find myself in the car seat section of the store, trying to figure out what a capsule is! I seem to have missed this page too. The patient sales assistant is trying to explain that a capsule comes out of the car with child inside! “Well why do I want that?” I ask bluntly. “It’s very useful if the child is sleeping” the sales lady replies with such a patient tone. “right-oh, so how long does that last?”,”about 6 months”.   Little shop lady say what???? So let me get this straight, I’m going to pay an extra $500 for a seat it grows out of in 6 months? I suddenly saw a pattern arising, baby things don’t last long! “and how do I manage 2 of these things?” I asked the sales lady…..she gave me a blank look, “perhaps you should just stick with car seats!”

Needless to say my first adventure baby shopping was a hostile confronting event. I liken it to shopping for houses when you have that moment of realisation that the house with the double car garage will send you way over your mortgage limit, yet some how you think you can do it. I never knew there were so many prams, cots and seats and little did I know I hadn’t even reached the likes of bottles, swings and baby mats yet!

After what felt like a year in prison, we emerged from the baby shop with nothing in hand but 2 cute bibs that we felt qualified enough to purchase (on reflection they probably weren’t the ideal shape and size), however we left with a baby checklist and a wealth of knowledge!

I finally knew the difference between a car seat and a capsule, I could confidently identify what an I-Candy pram was and above all I realised that having twins was going to mean two things, leave my wallet at the door and I really want a comfy recliner!

As I reviewed the baby check-list during the car trip home, I realised that in order to move to stage to of baby purchasing, I would require a long night in, google and a glass of wine (well pity that one was out of the question!) It’s fair to say, baby shopping for twins is undoubtedly the most overwhelming experience of my life….so far!

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