It’s time for a coffee and a catch up!

As I sign off on my last Uni assignment (and the paper work for a new house), I can finally turn my attention to this little project known as doublebub!

It’s been a crazy time and there is plenty to catch you all up on living with twins!

Harrison & Hunter are now 9 and a half months old an boy oh boy have we had some adventures! It’s honestly been a crazy time raising twins, predominantly on my own but I have to say I’m a little proud of how these cherubs are going!

Certainly I think by now I am confident in saying that my experience in twin parenting is certainly different to both what my friends are experiencing with singletons (that’s twin lingo for I have one arm free) and parenting in general!


So now’s the time for me to bring you up to speed on this adventure! i will be blogging about everything and before you roll your eyes and say yet another mummy blog…..well I guess yes it is but it’s more about the challenges, adventures and things I’ve learnt and am learning being a parent of simultaneous children, of course all with a dash of Nix to it!

So stay tuned for plenty of flash backs, more chats, laughs, adventures & tantrums as we get ready to move house, return to work and turn 1!

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chat soon

Nix and the DB team xxx

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