Milestone Mania – Walking, toothing and painting!

It’s been a busy week in the world of the Doublebubbers! Not only are we mid re-building a house….yes what a fabulous idea that was with twins! But also the boys have hit some major milestones too and it appears life is a bit of a struggle for these two at the moment!

Firstly, building and twins…..haha that’s a laugh hey! It’s about as good an idea as doing my Masters degree with new twins….I’m a smart one hey! Needless to say it has been a challenging experience trying to work house painting sessions around feeds, sleeps and general melt downs! Look, no one likes to paint. The idea is great for room 1, a little less exciting for room 2 and by the time you get to the rest of the rooms you are so sick of painting that any excuse to walk away will suffice! So I have no idea (other than a lot of thanks to friends and our trusty Au Pair who has been painting up a storm) how we have managed it but I am 2 rooms away from a fresh newly painted house!

On top of the reno’s we’ve also been moving all our stuff up from our old house so that we can be back in the area as I head back to work next week! (I know CAN’T believe it!) So to say life is a shit fight is a relative understatement!

The icing on the cake is Harry has cut his first tooth (despite my concerns they are toothless wonders) and now, in conjunction with his overgrown mullet he looks like he belongs in a correctional centre out of town! Plus Hunter has mastered the art of one step, two step, stack! So milestones are being reached in leaps and bounds this week!

I have to say I’m relieved to see a tooth pop but man i never realised the stress involved! I’m making a gross assumption and guessing that Hunter is close to cutting a tooth as I can see the edges under the gum line and the two of them have turned into some sort of Godzilla like creatures! Being left to play in the play pen seems to be the dumbest idea ever and witching hour has turned back into more  of a colic-like marathon than a witching hour! Hunter has discovered a new decibel of crying and it is delightfully loud, high pitched and seems to go for hours on end, while Harry has the art of mid-sleep screaming down to a fine art!

Man this sleep regression / walking /teething / moving stuff is doing my head in!! ON a positive note, Hunter has learnt to take apart his Ferrari walker and I have only just discovered that the reason there is a cup holder in it is because it actually doubles as a table! #whodhavethought

In other news, from their Ferrari’s the boys have now learnt to pull the washing stand over and as of this morning are careering down the hall with the hand towels in tow!

And in a moment of pure parental genius this week I found myself attempting to turn the aircon on with my car key buzzer! #mumlife

Oh and we tried our first inside of a chicken nugget!! They were very happy with that one and were squawking for more like a pack of birds! Look I’m not normally a Maccas Mum but – #Desperatetimes! i’ve also discovered that Mr Gourmet (Harry) who would rather take marinated fetta than chicken and quinoa, can now fit a quarter of a banana in his mouth in one go and not choke #winning


Well that’s it for now, will try to keep these more regular as things settle down….haha what a laugh! I’ll do my best! Now gotta go H1&2 have just discovered they can pull all the DVDs out of the shelf!!!! Argh…..this is why they got rid of DVDs!!!!!!!!

xx Nix



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