Parenting studies are p@*sing me off a bit…

I don’t know about anyone else but I am getting pretty peed off at the endless studies that keep telling me that something is going to be wrong with my kids! I’m like…common…cut me some sack in the over paranoid parenting moments paaaleeeese!!!! 

The latest study doing the rounds says that reported children delivered by c-section are more likely to have developmental struggles. Alarming though this sounds, on closer inspection it turns out that the study has revealed that kids born by c-section may be a total of 36 or so days behind in their schooling. 

Are you for real…that’s it! I mean how many parents are freaking out that their kids are at risk by having a c-section because of this report! And if that’s the worst of it I think we can cope with that…it’s no a huge finding! 

But here’s the thing…kids grow and develop at different rates. As adults we don’t bench mark ourselves against other adults in their learning and development. Yes we need to monitor milestones but is this a little too far? 

And can we please stop hating on the c-section!!! For many people, myself included it’s not an option. In fact without the modern ability of the ceasar my kids, and probably myself would not be alive! For me having a c-section was the most painful and one of the most traumatic events of my life. It wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity! However I am grateful, for without it we wouldn’t be here. So if there’s a chance my kids may be behind or issues may exist because of a c-section stop and think about all those beautiful babies, kids and adults thriving in life because of the glory of medical technology. 

And for those who chose to have a c-section good on you. Your choices are yours and yours alone! 

It’s hard enough parenting in the first place I don’t think we need to go on a witch hunt to find reasons to make mothers (and fathers) feel more worried about the development of their children than necessary! 

Had a c-section? Share your thoughts…

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