Night road trips with toddlers – what are we doing??? 

I write this as I sit here listening to what feels like the 151st replay of bedtime nursery rhymes wondering to myself…what on earth are we doing?!

Well we are road tripping right now…on our way, Sydney bound for the christening of the boys and confined by the restriction a of being 2 working parents and not willing to sacrifice the possibility of waking up next to the water we thought hey…no better time to leave than after work or right smack between hysteria and bedtime!

My plan, like all good parents, was clear:

Keep them awake for the first hour.

Quick stop for pee, nappy change, milk

Back in the car

Sleep til Sydney DONE

My kids, like all good toddlers have their own plan! Despite all failed attempts through bribery of biscuits, Hunter was asleep within 20 mins. Harry, the life and soal of the biscuit party was asleep 5 mins before stop one (face palm!)

Unable to put off my buldging bladder and desire for a cheeseburger stop #1 just had to happen! Needless to say on my return to the car  there we’re 2 wide awake and cranky toddlers.

Nothing a quick milk break and baby Einstein on repeat couldn’t help! Apart from Harrison’s clear dislike of both and the 27 million dummies I gave him all of which have ended up in some weird vortex of dummy swallowing that my car must have!

No sleep came upon us but luckily a quick Mickey Mouse interlude provided enough relief to get us to stop #2 where upon it was decided with all the great wisdom of first time road tripping with 20.5month old twinners, that a collective toilet/nappy change and coffee break was required! (No coffee for kids…just saying)

Yes feel free to yell NO collectively at me, trained and experienced parents, but we did it! We took them to the bright lights of the servo/maccas stop only to discover (no real surprise in hind sight) that a stop which involves people, food, bright lights, music, cars, trucks and dogs on trucks in fact is the most exciting and awakening thing known to toddler kind.

Needless to say…fast forward another hour and here we are on the 151st re run of sleep nursery rhymes with 2 awake children who will most likely fall asleep 5 minutes before we reach our next…and final destination! Just our luck!

May need to add in another pit stop..the bottle shop!

Xx nix

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