Santa pic sends us to TV land!

Well what a crazy week! Rewind 3 weeks ago… we bundled into the car on a hot Friday arvo and high-tailed it down to The Hunter Valley Gardens to check out their Christmas Lights Spectacular. A little venture that is becoming our family of 4 Chrissy tradition. We felt like rock star parents as we took our place 2nd in the queue just minutes before opening time a play which paid off well when we expressed our way up to Santa to secure our spot…first in line!

I didn’t think much of it as we fixed the boys elf hats and waited for Santa to arrive, and when Santa appeared we knew we were in for a slight battle. The cheerful, ‘experienced’ Santa had a great sense of humour, and as we made our approach we knew we’d be lucky if we walked away with anything! As expected the boys weren’t too keen to hang out with the man in red so after a few nervous looking pics which involved us holding them as far away from Santa as possible, Santa offered a ‘drop and run’.

After working out what he meant we though hey why not…let’s be those parents who momentarily force our kids on to Santa while we duck out of the frame all to see what happens and with the vague hope we may get a cracker for their 21st!

It wasn’t until the photos were emailed through that we started to realise the awesomeness of these pictures! One in particular stood out! A perfectly captured moment that showed the twins freaking out completely and Santa looking…hmm less than impressed!

Like a typical 2017 mum it didn’t take me long to pop the pic on our Doublebub facey page and well the rest is history!

A few news paper articles later and we found ourselves cruising the highway to Sydney on a Wednesday night after a phone call from The Morning Show asking for our attendance! Ah…hell yes!

Now the process of wrangling twin toddlers to a TV show is less than an easy feet, but with determination and an inner desire to ride that 1.5 minutes of fame I was going to make it happen! The call came through late Tuesday…By the time Chris got home on Wednesday evening I had everything ready! For a flashing moment I looked like a highly organised mother! Reality was I’d wrangled through work, been battling 40degree heat, cranky kids, colds and god knows what else to get our circus in the car and off to Sydney! I even managed to bath the boys…only for Harry to poo in the hallway straight after the bath, moments bride we were to leave only to then walk it down the hallway and try and wipe it on the wall!

Hiccups aside we made it to Sydney, had a camp out at Grandads and were up super early for or big day!

People have asked me did the boys know what was going on? Um…no they aren’t even 2! We arrived with haste, nice and early and after doing a series of mandatory selfies out the front of Channel 7 in which the kids were more interested in jumping up and down stairs than following my endless request to wave at the Sunrise team, we headed in!

Tucked away in the green room we did our best to wrangle two toddlers in a small space next to a live tv station. A well executed ‘distraction’ plan which involved snacks, cars, hot chocolate and mickey mouse and we were ready to head in for our 5 mins!

Our initial welcome was overwhelmingly warm. Both Larry & Kylie were excited and thankful we made the effort and everyone seemed genuinely excited to meet our terrors! After a quick pep talk that involved a series of high fives and knuckles, we were off and running live around the nation!

What a moment! I can’t begin to describe how quickly it went but it was a wonderful moment to know you had a teeny weeny chance to share your adorable bubs with the nation. My little fellas fill me with all the happiness and so to be able to share it with others was a wonderful gift!

After more high fives and knuckles we found ourselves back in the car and reflecting on what just happened! More than the fall out of a viral pic or a moment of fame, we had a unique opportunity to make a memory with, and for our kids that has made this Christmas truly unforgettable…and all from one picture! Who’d have thought!

The morning show – check out our appearance 😊

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