Kids parties are an endurance sport…

Holy crap I feel like I have just stumbled home from 4 days at a day/night festival where I quite clearly have not slept, have drunk way too much and been dancing like it’s 1999! Having said that I’ve never been to any kind of rave party so I don’t really know but I kinda think this is how I’d feel!

However, instead of partying my head off like I’m 20, I’m simply 72 hours post 2nd birthday party and I’m absolutely buggered! Don’t get me wrong…it was great but if there’s one thing I’m learning its kids birthdays are bloody hard work!

Let’s rewind to around this time last week and I’d turned into some spread sheet freak organising endless lists of cleaning duties and delegating party items to family members while trawling Pinterest for inspiration on how to decorate a roadster racers party!

In fact it was this time last week when I was over whelmed with a case of ‘part-xiety’ (party anxiety) as a result of endless ‘not attending’ responses to my event on Facebook which resulted in me, a grown adult, mother of twins, spitting the dummy and saying ‘that’s it, party cancelled’! I thought the anticipation of no one attending my birthday’s as an adult sucked but that’s got nothing on seeing multiple ‘so sorry’ messages coming through on your sons 2nd birthday event ! All I could think was bloody hell my kids are going to be unpopular and they haven’t even got into their 3rd year!

Thankfully a few deep breathes and a few deeper glasses of vino and I was back in the game fully accepting of what ever numbers appeared and conscious of the fact that next year I may return to paper invites rather than Facebook for invites!

By the time Thursday came, (the day of the boys actual birthday) I had reached a sense of control, one that was only destined to last a few moments as suddenly it occurred to me I was completely under prepared for that day! While I had endlessly googled birthday cakes for their party I’d completely forgotten about their birthday! Saved by the grace of a 40 degree day and the fact that they are 2 and remember none of it I high tailed it to the supermarket, purchased the timeless classic the icecream cake and birthday box ticked!

Back to party planning! By the time I reached Friday night I was pretty much buggered! A big work week, the boys birthday and a heat wave and I was about ready to pull up stumps in the backyard, crack a coldie and watch the weekend float by! Alas that was in a holding pattern until said party was done!

One thing I’ve learnt about little people’s birthdays are that they are soooo much more work than adults…and that primarily comes down to the fact that you have to organise 2 parties – kids and adults! So while you’re chalking up a host of fairy bread and sausage rolls you’re also making a bee line for the bottle shop to stack up on cold ones, champas and wine! It’s like a double dip of parties you can have your frankfurts washed down with beer…

Then comes the decorating! The support crew started to arrive on Friday night! And once the munchkins were sleeping and we’d downed a few tonics we were on to the decorations! Nothing like wrapping up your week with making party bags, cutting out race flags and making food labels…OCD much?!

Saturday morning hit and I’m outta bed like it’s Christmas and I’m 4! I don’t quite know what hit me but I find myself channelling my inner Martha Stewart and I’m rolling icing for a cake at 6am! Operation 2nd birthday has commenced! I’m running catering in the kitchen with my #1 wing gal and chris is running operations in the backyard under occasional supervision by myself #1 boss gal! As more support arrives the jobs are getting ticked off and that’s about the moment shit hits the fan!

My 2 delightful men of whom this day not only revolves around but the plan is all structured around have decided today of all days we are going to throw the routine out, stuff the sleeps and we are heading for tantrum central! All good I say…no sleep no worries it’s your party and you’ll cry when you want to!

Before I know it it’s 11am, party times rearing its head. The backyard looks like a worn out race track as the one weather pattern I failed to prepare for is one shade off a hurricane! The VIPs (boys) are fading like flowers and I’m still in my pjs! On the plus side…there’s a cake (awesome), food and enough alcohol to host an 18th and 21st – winning! Let the party begin!

Fast forward 2 hours, my backyards full of kids laughing and having fun, parents chatting, jumping castles being smashed and Hunters asleep in his bed but all in all everyone’s having fun! Flash forward another 2 hours and my gardens returned to its quiet state but with the added left overs resembling the aftermath of the hurricane!

And here I am some 72 hours later reflecting on what was a fun, exciting and super fast party for my boys. Maybe I went over the top, maybe I got too worked up but I have an overwhelming sense of happiness that I made more memories!

As I sit here feeling a little worse for wear and still cleaning I can honestly say kids parties are waaaaay harder work than adults! And way more tiring…but also a lot more satisfying! Til next year 😊

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