Parent who say ‘my kid eats everything’, I envy you…

God I hate meal times!

I really envy those parents I meet who smugly say ‘gosh blah blah is a great eater’ because you have no idea how lucky you are until you have a non-eater.

First thing most people will say to you is you’re not doing it right, you need to push through. Don’t give into them. Here’s the thing my non-eater will starve himself to the point of weight loss if he has it his way…he simply won’t eat.

I did it all by the book when they were younger. Introduced them to a range of foods, made sure fruits and veg were in everything and here I sit with a two year old who is down to less than 10 foods and his twin who has moments where he’s not far behind.

Every meal for me is a drain. After a long day at work snacks and dinner are just a huge battle. Having said that I have done everything to defuse the situation. Make it happy, play games, tv when needed, running around if you please but nothing wins.

I’m drained, and I’m at a loss.

Karma is coming back to bite me after years of hell I put on my parents for not eating…only I was a teen! 😔

My son is grump, moody, flat and exhausted but how do I even try and rationalise with a two year old that if he eats he’ll feel better.

I sit here tonight with a wine in front as my Wednesday feels more like it should be a Friday! Exhausted after battling with rejected meatballs, omelette, toast, crumpets, fruit and biscuits in front of me with no idea where to go next.

Back to the yoghurt drawer.

What do I do?

I know tomorrow I’ll feel embarrassed when he’s the one kid who won’t touch fruit at playgroup and will struggle to eat but believe me I’ve done all I can! I’ll feel like everyone’s judging me…you’re kid won’t eat fruit. What happens with preschool next? I’m at a loss!

Yes now I give in more and he eats the stuff he wants when he takes it…but what’s a mum to do?

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