Super heroes or stupid…we took our twoddlers to dinner!

I love it when I read those comments by mums like ‘it’s easy going out with kids’, ‘don’t let it change you!’ Because I think one of 2 things. Either you have really f@cking easy kids in which case GO YOU! Or you are one of those nauseatingly positive people! Of which, much to the despair of my partner, I am often not!

Instead for me the idea of taking my twoddlers (twin toddlers) to a public place right on bed time fills me with a range of emotions. Primarily fear, anxiety, terror and an overwhelming desire to neck a bottle of Sav Blanc! So on Saturday night when Chris suggested we headed out for a drink and a bite to eat with kids I was a little taken aback not knowing what to think! Could we actually do this?

I certainly wasn’t against the idea. Walking in the door at near 6pm after a hell of a Saturday shift, the last thing I felt like doing was thinking of dinner and the one thing I did want was to have a little fun with the clan! However as the reality of bed time crept closer I wondered if it was too much sun and fun that was deceiving me into thinking that this was a possibility!

A parental strategy meeting later and we decided to bite it in the butt and risk taking our two year olds out in public at bed time.

What happened next resembled some sort of military process. 2x double showers were had, PJs were donned (by them not us), iPads were locked and loaded, an abundance of ‘not allowed at this time of night snacks’ were obtained from the cupboard and suddenly I found myself walking towards the pram with 2 mini men dressed in lightening McQueen PJs and backpacks full of cars, books and fave toys ready for a night on the town.

As we made our way down the street towards town I’m not sure if I felt like a super hero or a complete idiot but as the effects of my ‘roadie sav blanc’ started to wash over me I suddenly felt quietly confident!

Stupid me…too early to be mentally high fiving myself, because as we approached the desired destination which we’d chosen based on its large outside dining area and tendency to be quiet, we managed to have picked the busiest day of the year! Even our outside sanctuary had been taken over by some kind of enormous family reunion. So there we were feeling a bit overwhelmed and questioning our bold move!

Unsure of where to go next, a table out the front caught our eye and after a quick parental measure up it seemed to fit the bill. Outside…yup! Near people – we’ll we were only going to ruin one groups night if shit hit the fan! Most importantly thought we gave up the outside running space and replaced it with a main road and a train line which meant – instant toddler success!

Not wanting to bite off more than we could chew, we settled on a few drinks and snacks and take-away mains just incase. With an endless supply of cars, trucks and trains both in real life and miniature ones on the table things seemed to go along swimmingly! After dodging a minor ‘glass’ crisis, which ended up with one toddler drinking from a plastic wine glass (it’s ok it was water I checked) and the encouragement of our neighbouring table who were so smitten with our men they tried to get the firies to do a drive-by…we survived!

As our take-alway mains made it to the table we contemplated running the gauntlet and staying, but overly chuffed with our success, we cut our losses of a few drinks and a bruschetta and headed for the hills, burgers in hand and smitten with our success!

It really can be overwhelming trying to juggle adult and kid life but at times it can work and… if you plan you can do it! Baby steps are good and planning your nights around your bubs needs and yours together work best! Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll go running for the hills!

Here are my top 5s for a night out with twoddlers:

1. Toys, supplies and devices! Don’t leave home without any of them and more than you need!

2. Pick a place that will interest the kids! for us our boys hate being still unless there are vehicles to watch so work with that!

3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – sometimes a drink and take-away suits all. Some days you may get a drink and before you know it it’ll be dinner and all!

4. PJs! Make life easy on the flip side!

5. Have a crack (we try often and rarely succeed). Sometimes you’ll have a cracker of a night and it’s all worth it!

Have fun parents xx

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