Twin adventures – our first snow day!

Today we went on an adventure. Mummy says we’ve been before but we don’t remember! When we were teeny and in mummy’s tummy, really early (and when mummy though there was only one of us), she and daddy went to the snow, just up the road from our house.

We live in the Hunter Valley in NSW and every so often on a super cold day it snows in the Barrington Tops, today was that day!

After a breakfast of googly egg and toast we put on all our clothes, well it felt like it, and went in the car! We went through the hills and round the windy bends. Hunter fell asleep and Harry watched for moo-cows out the window and after and hour or so things started to get cold!

Suddenly we arrive at a big gate. Mummy got out to open it and as she did a super cold wind blew through the door!

‘Cold!’ said a sleepy Harry!

The world looked a bit different. The grass had been eaten and replaced with white stuff! Mummy stopped to pee at the toilets and work Hunter up. She said her bottom nearly froze and she brought some of the white stuff into the car

‘Cold!’ Hardy said

When we stopped we got out of he car with hats, jackets, scarves and mummy tried to make us wear fingers (gloves) but we didn’t want that! We were very shy to start with but Harry soon worked out this white stuff was kinda fun and mummy was acting all crazy in it!

Mummy and Harry ran through the snow. Hunter didn’t like the cold (or being woken up to this cold stuff) so he watched from Daddy’s arms!

We went all the way to the look out and saw all the pretty trees covered in snow!

Then we walked back and mummy said we could have biscuits if Hunter walked on his own. Complete with biscuit in hand, Hunter realised snow was pretty fun and then we all went on a snow walk and stomped around!

It was so magical!

Then we got back in the car and left the cold place! Mummy & daddy said we were so good we could stop at our favourite place and jump on the jumping castles!

We stopped at the Linga Longa and had chocolate and bounced on the jumping castles!

Best snow day so far!!


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