Illness anxiety…the unspoken parenting issue.

Now this isn’t something that necessarily happens to just multiple parents but it is something that is one of the secret, unspoken stresses of having one or more children and it will be now known as illness anxiety.

That anxiety you get as a parent when one child goes down with an illness and you spend the next 48 hours waiting to see who’s next.

Illness anxiety is usually at its most heightened when a child succumbs to a gastro bug. This is something I experienced in it’s full affect just last week.

While enjoying a delightful lunch with my mother in a shopping center H2 decides to projectile vomit across me, the floor, himself and the lady in the wheelchair behind me.

Heaven help me! At this point in time I should also add that I am a vomo-phobe, I can’t think of anything I like less than vomiting…so yay!!

actual image of me navigating the gastro bug 

As one does I went into clean up over-load. First the mortified lady behind me, then the shop and then I removed my son and I from the scene of the crime. Luckily I was enroute home so the car was packed with all our travel needs so H2 and I stripped down in the coles carpark and grabbed whatever clothes I could find.

Unfortunately my suede shoes didn’t make the cut…it was the bin for them.

Upon finding my mum and H1 we high tailed it back to my Dads where we’d been staying and went into gastro lock down.

Here’s the thing it’s like life goes into slow motion when you are waiting for your kid both to be sick again and for the other one to go down with it!

For 48 hours I was watching every breath Harry took and analysing every motion my gut felt incase we were the next to go!

I even found myself thinking over everything my twins had shared over the last 48 hours that could lead to cross contamination…it wasn’t a pretty picture!!!

Look somehow we dogged a bullet this time (unlike the great gastro of 2018), however when you have 3 year olds it’s only a matter of time to the next wipeout happens and I’m back dealing with illness anxiety!!

Hang in there parents you can do this!!


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